Veterans and their experiences play an important role in educating our nation’s youth about the founding principles upon which this country was founded.

War can sometimes be a delicate subject for teachers and students. Through VFW’s Veterans in the Classroom community outreach initiative, a VFW member is able to assist the teacher in conveying a variety of American history lessons.

Our members are "living history” and can provide students with insight into the great sacrifices our service members make to maintain freedom for all of us.

When called upon to participate in a classroom lesson, a member would prepare a brief introduction, a main presentation and a Q&A session. Depending on the lesson, a veteran may bring appropriate memorabilia, uniforms, photographs and other relevant material.

People of all ages take great interest in the history of our country, and who better to help expand that interest than those who helped shape it?

If you’re an educator interested in persuing this opportunity, please contact your local VFW Post for more information.

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